• From Final Day of Java Jazz Festival 2016 (JAKARTA)

    My second JJF!
    And, I told you, it was totally awesome and I am fully satisfied compared to last year *wink*. I dunno, maybe that's because I was prepared for this event *I even printed the schedule and highlight it!* or I was just lucky, haha.

    Ticket invitation from SOSRO

    My first stage was Erwin and Gita Gutawa with Di Atas Rata - Rata (DARR)When I entered TEBS Hall, they already had Rafi with 'Di Obok - Obok' (yes that old song from Joshua). This hall was for seated audiences, but I was just seated in floor for better look :p. After Rafi there were Sensen, Shaquilla, Nada, Woro, Kafin, and Lyodra with Ola and Olive. 

    DARR's Rafi

    DARR's Woro

     DARR's Kafin

    Whooa, they're really talented. My favourite were Woro and Kafin. Woro with nyinden style and Kafin, an 11th year old that even collaborated with David Foster at day two of JJF. But the best part was when they came together with "Stop Bully"!


    Second, I came to our beautiful lady : Patti Austin, at Java Jazz Hall. Anyway, this stage was the best stage back then. Austin performed with Jazzorchestra of Concertgebouw (JOC). JOC is from Netherlands and founded in 1996. I was curious with their conductor - Dennis Mackrel - randomly, hahaha, he's funny on stage, can't stay still, walking around  the stage and even help hold the pianist's score xD. 

    Patti Austin

    Austin performed like no one at their 65, awesome! The performance was like a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, because she came with 'Honey Suckle Rose' and 'Hearing Ella Sing'. Also, it was such an honour that night because we became witness for Lifetime Achievement Award of Austin from JJF, congratulations!

    Till Brönner and Magnus Lindgren

    Third, time for Till Brönner. He's on B2 Hall, typical of assembly hall, free to seat or standing. But we were seated on floor *except one person, whose maybe sasaeng fans of Brönner, haha, she was standing in front of all of us ._.*. Brönner was collaborated with Magnus Lindgren, a Swedish saxophonist. By the way, I suddenly became fans of Magnus Lindgren that day *plaak*.

    Till Brönner and Magnus Lindgren

    The performance were good, Brönner changed his trumpet twice *I just knew that there was spit valve on the trumpet after watching Brönner drained his, lol*, Lindgren also changed his saxophone with flute in another time.

    David Foster with Berget Lewis 

    Fourth, finally the reason behind me came to JJF : Special Show by David Foster! Yeay! Foster performed on Java Jazz Hall like Patti Austin, and we were on numbered seat. Lucky me, on Gold section, I was in the first row, hahaha. After 'Indonesia Raya', Foster appeared to greet fans and he came with Berget Lewis, a jazz singer from Amsterdam. She has a strong voice and performed classics like Chaka Khan's 'Through the Fire' and Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak My Heart'.

    David Foster with Peter Gonta

    David Foster with Lea Simanjuntak

    Foster gave opportunity to audiences sang for him, he even go down *and greeted Peter Gonta too*. After that, we had Lea Simanjuntak with him. Lea told him how to pronounce her last name, I dunno that it will be too hard, lol. Anyway, as we all know Lea, she came with an incredible voice for Celine Dion's 'The Power of Love' also Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing'.

    David Foster with Magnus Lindgren

    Foster also settling himself with a keyboard, sang some parts of his hits songs. He mentioned that unfortunately, we had lost our great singers like Whitney and Michael Jackson. Surprisingly, when he asked again to audiences who will come with him, a pregnant mother suddenly appeared and she had a beautiful voice, whoaa! Even Chris Botti *that came after that* complimented her and accused it just Foster's plan, lol.

    David Foster with Chris Botti

    My new bias, Magnus Lindgren, came to stage and I was like 'hoaa, Magnus! Magnus!', shout out randomly, hahaha. Not enough, he had Chris Botti jumps on stage too! Omooo~~ I hadn't bought tickets for Chris Botti's special stage, so how can I couldn't be more happy? 

    David Foster with Eric Benét

    The last singer performed with Foster was Eric Benét. This year JJF became a reunion for both of them that had last collaboration in 2005. Benét sang Kevon Edmonds's 'I Swear' and closed with his own song 'Georgy Porgy'. 

    Anyway, for me Foster's performance beside all-the-great singer it's quite interesting. He called the VIPs by "rich people" and make us burst out laughing, and don't forget how good he and Benét "on-the-spot compose" song based one word from the security guard, lol. And at the end, all artists came again and performed Cheryl Lynn's 'Got To Be Real'. It's totally worth it bought this Special Show ticket!

     Hiatus Kaiyote

    Fifth, I was for the first time enjoying Hiatus Kaiyote's performance. I know nothing about this quartet except they formed in Australia and 'Nakamarra' was one of their songs, hahaha. Nai Palm was gorgeous on stage, as well as the band and the backing vocals.

    Hiatus Kaiyote's Nai Palm

    Hiatus Kaiyote

    Their music was fine for first heard like me. And I noticed that there were bunch of loyal fans of them. Ah FYI, I was on first row again on these performance, right to the fence xD. 

    Brian Simpson with Tony Monaco

    Sixth, on Ministry Of Environment And Forestry stage, I came to Brian Simpson with the special guest Tony Monaco. It was the only outdoor stage that I watched that day. Cloudy sky, instrumental jazz music, seated on bench, it was relaxed performance, hahaha.  

    Brian Simpson

    Tony Monaco

    Simpson and Monaco were friends for 15 years, but that stage was the first stage they collaborated. They even got sudden-compose song titled 'Blues In Jakarta' when they had breakfast. Hmm, excitement of collaboration with friend make us more creative I guessed. 

    Chris Botti and Sting

    Seventh, I thought Brian Simpson's stage would be my last stage on this year JJF. But, right after that stage, they announced that Special Show by Chris Botti and Sting open for free! So, what to do? Run! The performance was already started and at first I just stand behind the chairs. After Sting appeared the crowd became hysterical. I came forward while taking out my camera, but pushed up *and trapped* in the crowd T^T, so I gave up after taking some photos.


    Beside being pushed and too many audiences taking fancam, my position actually too good for non-ticketed audience :p. I enjoyed the performance behind the VIPs. Anyway, Sting with Botti's trumpet came with hits like 'If I Ever Lose My Faith in You', 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic', 'Roxanne', 'Englishman in New York', 'Seven Days' and even 'Desert Love'. 

    Caroline Campbell 

    Spotted on VIP were David Foster and Eric Benét, and they walked beside me *and I even poked by Benét*, hahaha. For encore, the VIP left their spot and I was pushed again (but) to that spot! *evil laugh*, I was overjoyed~~. Sting and Botti's performance were too good to be true. Especially Sting, sang many songs without a break he did not out of breath, daebaakk!

    Overall, with many lucks that day, like I said before, this year JJF was amazing and I think I made the right decision to came on the final day. Thank you so much all performers, see you again on JJF 2017! I'll look forward next year's line up, Michael Buble maybe? *ngarep* *amin*


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