• POOKI.BBANG, Raa Cha, and Shirayuki's dessert to try at Mall Taman Anggrek (JAKARTA)

    Last month I went to Mall Taman Anggrek (MTA). And, for me (and the two others) it was for the first time, haha. Simply because none of us stayed at West Jakarta, so, thanks to Uber we can go there, lol.

    We haven't breakfast, but it's quite early for lunch too, while waiting our other friend, we tried POOKI.BBANG. POOKI.BBANG is on the 4th floor of MTA, near Han Gang. This outlet claimed themselves as the #1st Korean Poop Bread in Indonesia. You're not error reading, it shaped as poop! Hahaha. Maybe seems disgusting, but it's cute and recommended to try.

    Just like street outlet, open kitchen concept, and even had "toilet" for photo props. The "poop" itself basically waffle with/without filling *you can choose*. Choice of filling were Vanilla Custard, Cream Cheese, Choco Nutella, Blueberry, or mixed like Nutella Vanilla, Nutella Peanut, Nutella Cheese, and Blueberry Cheese. We tried Nutella Peanut and Nutella Cheese. Aside from the not-too-big *I want the bigger one!*, the waffle itself is quite moist but crunchy and the filling are full! I prefer the Nutella Cheese, the peanut butter just way too dominant.

    After walking around, for lunch we tried Raa Cha Suki & Barbeque. Raa Cha can be found at around Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Bandung. It was one of Champ Resto Indonesia group beside BMK and Gokana. Randomly pick "ingredients" for our Suki and Barbeque, we got Spicy Beef, Salty Beef, Chicken, a lot of *and many variant* of fish ball, and of course some vegetables! 

    Table set with four stoves, two for Suki soups (Tom Yam and Stock soup, but the truth is, I don't even taste the difference, both had sour taste :p), and two for grill our meat. If you want Suki with cheaper price, this place can be an option, hehe. When we came in that weekend, not too much table left.

    Next, actually this place was one of the reasons we came to MTA : SHIRAYUKI Japanese Desserts & Bistro *forget calories xD* . We want to try their cute cotton candy! lol. Hey, you can find something like that in Surabaya too, when bazaar or you-name-it market. Buuttt, why don't try from where it is coming? (:

    Like its name, Shirayuki not only sold dessert *that we are looking for* but also some main course like pasta, steak, kushikatsu (Japanese skewered) and snacks. This place not too big, maybe can accommodate around 20-30 people. What I love is the lighting is quite bright! Also, some wall decor is cute too, we found Japanese character like Doraemon there.

    For four of us, we ordered two dessert menus, both included their signature ice cream. You can order for matcha, nutella, or mix flavour. I love the matcha one, the bittersweet aftertaste was good, obviously using good matcha *yeay*. Compared to another dessert place *that really look-alike with Shirayuki, lol* I prefer this place. 

    Warabi Mochi with Brown Sugas is mix ice cream with mochi-in-nuts-powder and well, a pot of brown sugar. If you don't like sweet, don't ever try to put the brown sugar in your ice cream, just don't. And the second menu is what we are looking for : cute pink pig cotton candy! At MTA outlet, you can order to shape your cotton candy as Minion, Keroppi, or pink pig. Their cotton candy texture is thicker compared with Madam Wang. Anyway, if you weren't looking for cuteness, or won't to try ice cream with toppings, simply order their cone ice cream.

    Mall Taman Anggrek (MTA)
    Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 21, Slipi, 
    Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11470

    Sometimes we just need to go far from where we are, even just for (big) lunch. Simply to know that place, simply to just hang out, and well simply to feel the different ambiance. Thank you for accompanied me, girls.

    Have a good day,

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    1. sering banget jalan jalan ke taman anggrek tapi belom pernah nyobain pooki bang, lain kali kalo libur kuliah pulang ke indo mau ke taman anggrek dan nyobain poki bang, kayanya enak banget liatnya jadi ngiler hhuufftt mauuu,
      bytheway salam kenal kak :)
      nice post... :)


      1. Hi, salam kenal Lita~ *brb join site*
        Selamat mencoba waktu mampir lain kali.

    2. Roti poop-nya ya ampun, mirip, #eh
      Lucu banget cotton candy-nya! Klo ke Jakarta, kabar2 dong, siapa tau bisa meet up, :))

      1. Cobain teh, enak kok. Kalo cotton candynya sih, benernya ya biasa aja sih, lucu aja tapi hahahaha.

        Siap teteh, ntar aku DM kalo mau ke Jakarta, tapi kayaknya masih lama *plaak :D