Started following DAY6 release(s) this year -which is thanks God they have comeback every month- turns that I am enjoying their songs, yeay! And they included Indonesia for their Live & Meet, so why not come to watch?

    MCP did improve as promotor compared to EXOl'uxion and iKONcert in the past, they planned this quite well or maybe because My Day did great. Exchange ticket was fast, no long and bored queue, everyone still on seat while watching *aside from encore*, more importantly, they enjoy the concert! you can feel the energy.. so excited and from my seat, the amount of cameras in the air compared at iKONcert was less, impressed. 


    I entered venue at 6PM and the show supposed to start at 6.30PM. I was on YELLOW-G, seated one, left section. It was pretty close and nice view. If you are Jae or Sungjin biased, you will happy to watch from my section xD. As soon as they entered the stage, they performed How Can I Say 어떻게 말해 and I Wait 아 왜

    Eve, the girl beside me captured it, an overwhelming start!
    170826 @day6kilogram - How can i say (어떻게 말해) . . Lagu pembukaan yang PECAHHHHHH BGT 😭😭 begitu mereka masuk cuma bisa triak "OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG" karna deket banget jalan masuknya sama tempat duduk w 😂😂😂 lampu masih mati jadi ga kliatan jelas mreka ber5. Pas nyala langsung bengong liatin mreka 😂😂😂 Kedengeran di video pertama w ngomong "ya ampun lemes gw lemes lemes lemes lemes" ke @dinervia huahahaha agak sedih awalnya soalnya ga seberapa deket ke Brian 😭 hikss tp mayan duduk sini sering bgt di notice jae 😍 . Abis itu sengaja jauhin hp spy suara cempreng kaga masuk di video lagi kaya pas fanmeet Bogum 😂 malu mo ngeupload gara2 pas ikutan nyanyi n suara w warbyasahhh gak kekontrol 😭 btw ini suara w masih masuk cuma ketutup triakan org lain 😂 masih aman lah yeee huahahaha . . #DAY6 #DAY6INJKT #Fancam #LIVEANDMEET #어떻게말해 #데이식스 #데이식스콘서트 #영케이 #강영현 #원필 #도운 #성진 #제이
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    They greeted and introduced theirself. Sungjin was "Hello, I am Bob", FYI, some fans called him as Bob from Bob the Builder. As for Brian, he did introduced as Young K but fans shout out "Brian!" so he said, "You can call me Young K or Brian, but aku cinta kalian!". Wonpil also said "My Day mantap". Thank you for learning Indonesian words, you were so cute xD.

    They then continued their performance with Whatever 놀래 and What Can I Do 좋은걸 뭐 어떡해, their August release.


    It's Live & Meet so.. we went to met DAY6! Ment section was longer than usual concert. Wonpil is the quiet one --I am actually questioned it, is he always like this?-- Sungjin was very talkative and he did play around with Jae, Brian is Brian, and Dowoon just so random and unlucky, lol.

    Happy Dowoon's Day! Say hi to kak Sita!

    They reenact Hi, Hello's MV. They also asked what MV the like the most and so on. Because it's Dowoon's birthday, we also celebrated it on stage. The cute one was because the cake have drum decoration, Sungjin was "Dowoon, you're there.. you're the drum" Dowoon expression was precious ㅋㅋ. 

    Brian sang a bit Noah's Separuh Aku and everyone hyped up once again (he even did twice!). They played 'Who the fastest wear Batik', and of course.. Dowoon was lost! They looks so good in Batik, for sure. 

    There was message board at the venue. I didn't know that they'll brought it on the stage and DAY6 will do as what written there. I should have wrote something if I know *lateeee!*. Wonpil was the first one who took the message, he spontaneously sang what written there with Sungjin's guitar. 


    Second part after they back from backstage and change the outfit back to previous one, they performed You Were Beautiful 에뻤어, then continued with I Smile  반드시 웃는다. The fanchant was loud! so cool!


    We reached the end, one more song for that night. But before they go, everyone turns on flashlight, we prepared Band of Colors and fan message project for their anniversary (thank you @/DAY6IDProject). 

    DAY6 said to stay together even for 20 years later. After that Congratulations played, ah I like this song!


    They went to backstage but everyone were "Encore! Encore! We want more!", and Jae shouted "You want more? There's no way we will say no, right?" then answered with I'm Serious 장난 아닌데, Dance Dance, and Free 하게!! 

    I can tell you that DAY6 looks really happy, Jae and Sungjin went left and right section not losing their smile, Brian was so hyped and even said, "Terimakasih My Day"


    *view which I got while queuing, BLUE section was great lol*

    There was Hi-Touch event for PINK/YELLOW ticket holders. Sungjin - Dowoon - Wonpil -  Jae - Brian lined up in order. Look at them in close way.. touched their hands.. say thank you to be here.. congratulated Dowoon.. I am satisfied. 

    This event indeed makes me want to know more about DAY6.

    See you next time~

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    1. Seru banget bacanya! Tapi posisi Dowoon kesian banget dipisah T_T
      Wonpil paling senyum-senyum doang ya? Yang paling banyak ngomong emang mas Leader dan Jae kkkkk

      1. Iyaaa hunggg jauh sekali Dowoon dari aku *lah*. Nggak nyangka aja sih kalo Sungjin banyak omong hahahaha