August Rush

Film lama yang baru aku tonton bulan Februari lalu.. Wuehehe...awalnya cuma penasaran ma lagunya John Legend "Someday"..yang keren *yang dapat dari Masnya Mita, tengkyuu :)*. Dan baru nyadar kalo itu soundtrack film. Akhirnya ngubek2 rental dan nonton..Berhubung aku udah buat reviewnya pas pelajaran bahasa Inggris...Ya...sekalian aja..:p

1.Title : August Rush
2.Director / Writer : Kirsten Sheridan / Nick Castle, James V. Hart
3.Actor / Actress :
Freddie Highmore as Evan Taylor / August Rush ( A boy with unbelievable talent )
Keri Russel as Lyla Novacek ( Evan mother, a successful classical cellist )
Jonathan Rhys Meyer as Louis Connelly ( Evan father, a guitarist-singer-songwriter )
4.Published in : 2007
5.Review :
August Rush, directed by Kirsten SheridAn is an extra-ordinary movie. It is not just seen to us about drama in usual, like LOVE, but also a part of fantasy and family. It is enjoy us with much ear-catching songs.
The story beginning at orphanage, where a boy named Evan lives. He has ability to “imagine” sounds from everything. He believe that his parents still alive and has faith that music will make he meet his parents. To Jeffries, a social worker, he told that he won’t adopted.
We go flashback, 11 years ago, Lyla met Louis. They felt in love at the first sight, and spent one romantic night. Lyla’s father, Thomas didn’t agree with this relationship, he forces them apart. After that they never met again. Apparently, Lyla pregnant, Thomas was angry, Lyla ran out, and an accident carried-out Lyla to hospital and made her gives birth prematurely. Thomas told her that her baby was died, although in fact he took the baby in orphanage.

Just as long as, Lyla and Louis passed their lifes by them selves. In other side, Evan decide to find his parents, he run away, in this journey he met Arthur, he followed Arthur and met Wizard, a man who collect children to be road-musician. In the Wizard’s house, Evan touch a guitar for the first time, but he can play it like professional. Wizard thinked that he can got profit from Evan, he asked Evan to be a musician in the park, and gave him name August Rush.
Jeffries looked for Evan, he suspicious Wizard, helped by police, they executed a razzia. Evan escaped and come to the church. He hide in the bottom of a young girl’s ( Hope ) bed. Hope teach him play organ and he also can play organ professional. Knew about Evan’s talent, pastor sent Evan to Juilliard School of Music.
At least, Lyla knew that her son alive from confession of her father and started finding her son. She met Jeffries, and knew about Evan. In the same time, Louis met his bandmates at a birthday party that play a video of him when singing a song about Lyla. Louis remembered about Lyla again. Lyla and Louis decide to play music again, to find each other.
In Juilliard, Evan has composed a symphony. It will be played in Central Park, where Lyla play a concert too. Lyla played firstly, Lyla will go home, when the sound of Evan’s music magically make her back. While Louis in the road and read banner of the concert, he also came to the Central Park. Louis find Lyla in the crowded and sees her. Lyla and Louis meet again after a long time. They standing sees their son conduct an orchestra.
Maybe this movie not the best movie ever made. And. after watching it there are many question about the ending. But, this one of my favorite movie. This movie is not only interested us with the story, but we can got a lot of value, about spirit of love, never give up, how music connecting people, and how we can reach our dream if we believe. So, I think it is absolutely movie that have to watch.