Because you'll never know what tomorrow bring,

or take it away from you..

ah! I can smell holiday~ already last eight days this year, wohoo~

I know that we live unexpectedly, you plan to get married with this A guy, but ending live happily with that B guy. It happened around me. But, I am a planner-person, even if that-unexpected-thing happen, I know what the risk *duileh*. Overall, it's a matter of choice, include all the risk behind it, right? But, sometimes what's going on is just unbelievable. Sometimes you can't handle it.

I never thought that I will be deceived *I am still mad about it, don't ask!*, my-mom-diabetes was quite serious and make her hospitalized for a week *and I just can visit her in my day-off :(*, and maybe about someone that would never text me again until a miracle happens, but somehow it 'wake me up', let's wait for a miracle~

*kok curhat*

It is last February when one of ADT's member told us she will get married, and now six of them married. Six! Whooa! Great. The side effect : people keep asking me when I will get married. I don't even know who will marry me, ouch *desperate detected*.

Maybe it's too late, but this year was my first time experienced backpacking. Off to Dieng just with one of my best friends for three days. First time snorkeling in Pahawang, Sumatera. Attended concert in another town. Join a walking tour, even registered at Quran learning centre. 

It's just not like me, huh? But, met people outside my circle really give positive impacts to me. And thanks to social media, we still remained in touch. Met people who have a different background field, different job, different age, different problem makes me learn about relationship-thing, social-thing, how to cook well, how to write, or even how to build android-thing *tetep*. On top of that, makes me more sensitive *halah*.

Have you known someone for years, then one day.. bum! she (or he) is not someone you used to know? I am. I'm really sorry to not know how she is. I realize I've been too busy with myself T^T, how came I felt so blue/frustrated/galau when someone out there faced bitter problem and stay strong?

But the good news.
Now she is in relationship which I hope make her happily ever after, ayey!

"But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not." (Al Baqarah : 216)

I am really thankful to Allah for all what happened this year. I am really blessed. Bad things may happen, but life is like riding the Ferris wheel, just believe that Allah never let us in the bottom of the wheel.

Happy holiday,