Four Seeds Coffee ( Surabaya )

Four Seeds Coffee located at Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V/6-8 (BONNET area) and on same building with Crab 'n Chef. I heard about this place before actually, when they had promotional season of their coffee, but I just not come for reason, lol. 

To be honest, I don't know where the precise location it was, I just drop at BONNET and then walk, haha. Like what I said before because it's on same building with Crab 'n Chef, just enter Crab 'n Chef and you can go up stair. This place is quite homey and had vintage feeling *look at those so-many vintage things! xD*. It also can accommodate around 20-30 people.

Their menu are simple like coffee and tea, pancake, pasta, and some snack. And yeah, it can be found in other place, not so-special *dikeplak*, but what I was wondered is why this place sooo quite. While I visited on Friday night and it located at one of "food-area" in Surabaya, became the only one customer made me questioned. I talked with the waiter and they told me that unfortunately it was their daily situation...*sigh*


Let's move on what I tried that day. 
I personally doesn't prefer coffee on glass like this, I enjoyed big (ceramic) mug for coffee *except for macchiato, Starbucks doesn't count -- if you know what I mean :p*. What I noticed was Four Seeds had coffee machine that looks great! It means they take seriously about their coffee *need to come again to enjoy their espresso!* and the latte art in my latte was no joke. My brother told me when the latte art stay until the last sip, it indicates good art. Their hazelnut latte tasted fine, got pink-pudding and water as well.

Hazelnut Latte (23k)

Cabana pancake come with caramelized banana and vanilla ice-cream topping. Cabana maybe stand for banana (syllable?) or maybe because of cabana related with beach *and all I can think is tanning, lol* so it has caramelized sauce, hahaha *ignore me*. Nothing to complain, but the pancake itself not my favourite.

The Cabana Pancake (30k)

As I came for snacking, chicken wings can't leave. The wings was fried and had something like egg swirl. I don't know what it called, err.. something like KFC's original and Ayam Goreng Laos *more confused* hahaha. 6 pcs wings per serving is worth-it!

Chicken Wings (45k)

Overall, I was satisfied and I think the price is worth-it. Looking forward for future Four Seeds and I should say that I recommend you to come even once xD.

Happy Thursday,