From the past - Alex Fokin

    Someone told that the best way to stay in love is always remember.
    Remember how you fall for him.
    Remember when you were start talking to him.
    Remember the places you had visited.
    Remember how nice the sun smells in that summer.
    Or even, the way he walked toward you on rainy days.

    One day, that's not enough.
    One of you starts forgetting.
    Questioned "why am I still being here?"
    Questioned "why he's making distance?"
    Questioned "What's wrong with me?"

    You try to remember again.
    You keep talking to yourself that you won't forget.
    "It's just lesson to take", you said.
    You ended up crying at night.
    He never coming back.

    write this after some chat with my friend and Marco Steffiano's "I'll be Fine" jump in. Not good. And God! I always thought forgetting was hard but keep remember is painful, isn't it? I dunno what should I do *sigh
    anyway, I love the BW's photo of Alex Fokin lately, so I thought you should know him too, check his flickr xD

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    1. Hallo Mbaaak, aku menemukan blogmu waktu lg searching soal review buku Sabtu Bersama Bapak hehehe. Mbaknya anak PENS bukan siy? *ini komennya ga nyambung amat* hahaha
      Btw aku suka sekali postingan iniiiiiiiii T,T

      1. Hallo Fauziah :) *karena kamu manggil aku Mbak jadi aku anggap kamu adek kelasku, hahaha. Iyaa nih alumni PENS juga xD. Thank you udah mampir - mampir sinii yaa