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Last week, I and +cihancy 0603 visited Bebini Gelati to try their food. We already tasted their so-famous-gelato, we need to try the other, kkkk (and guess what? The foods are chef Arnold's menu!). I knew Bebini from some bazaar, not my favourite gelato but it's good! I am in love with their almond gelato.

Their store located at Dharmahusada 183-185, on the left side if you come from Darmo/Tunjungan. You can easily see their sign (forget to took a pict! My camera runs out of battery lol). They have indoor and outdoor space, simply instagram-friendly tho. 

Anyway, here's the menu. Not too many and some of "menu of the day" are NOT listed on menu book. Go ask their waiter or take look at the board behind the cashier (IT'S A MUST!).




If you planned to get gelato, I think you could save up by not order drink, they'll give you a glass of water / order. Because, well, 24k for mineral water is just... too much for me! :p

  1. pancake
    like hotcakes

I chose the right choice! This pancake hotcakes is dayumm! The original version was with Bailey's gelato, but you can request your favourite gelato. This time, I choose red velvet gelato, but well.. maybe I should try the other hahaha. 

What I love about this menu is the caramelized bananas! It was soooo good, and it blended well when you scoop it with the hotcakes and gelato. Also, the flower petals were aesthetic.

Ricotta Hotcakes With Red Velvet Gelato

fish and chips : also known as the chippy
Ririn chose Fish and Chips, it came with one bagel at the bottom. Well, fish and chips maybe one of a tricky menu, it can be so good or failed. This one was the later. Too oily, need more seasoning, the fish have slight mud taste, hmm.. we can't even finish it. :( 

Fish & Chips on Toast With Lettuce

It was a mistake, it's only what 'id' did to us. We already have our order when someone at another table has somehow like "chicken wings", but, we can't find it on the menu. So, we thought.. "oh, maybe it's calamari!", then..  this a portion of baby calamari, hahaha. 

The coriander came as pesto to dip the calamari. It's not bad, it's just not what we want, hahaha. And you know what, we found the "chicken wings" menu ON THE BOARD BEHIND CASHIER when we left! That's why I told you, when you come, take a peek on the board before you sit, hahaha.

Baby Calamari With Coriander Relish

Have you tried Bebini Gelati? If you're a first timer here, go with their gelato. It will never disappoint you *shout out : almond!!* and well, hotcakes! Or, do you have any recommendation dish of them? Tell me in the comment section!

Have a great long weekend,



  1. Aaaak, why don't you attach the address in the end if your post. I'm curious literally :D

    1. Already mentioned on post xD

      Dharmahusada 183-185.