open-closed by Robert Couse-Baker
"Sometimes what happened in your life is not what you want to, sometimes you hear something, you see something that you don't want to."

I wrote those words after saw something I shouldn't have seen, unintentionally. I used to be a person who cares about unnecessary things, then ended up with so many "what-if" questions... Stupid. I know.

But, I didn't stored all of that. Either the things is not so worth to be in my brain (lol) or it really hurt so I decided to ignored it. For this case, absolutely the first one. Then, people called me the heartless one hahahaha *sigh

We all care way too much what other people think of us, the fun fact is : it won't stop even if we died. We can't tell them to live as we want. And sadly, sometimes, our eyes.. our ears .. just accept everything we hear and see, but, should we takes it all seriously?


We live with so many character around us, not all will match. Some may talks behind us, but the other are stay beside us.

A friend complained on group because the other members just shared too many picture so his phone is full. Is he wrong? Or the other? They just want to told us about their visit, not to show off. And this friend - actually - have an option - not to download it.

A girl was cried because her friend told her she didn't deserves to be the best. Is her friend wrong? Is she really need to cry? But again, she - actually - have an option - not to take what her friend said, she's the best anyway.

A young boy decided to leave his group because of his health. Hanging his dream and took the different path when he - actually - have an option to stay. 

Or maybe yesterday, when I was so confused, on need of ice cream, then dragged my friend to accompanied me. And yes, she - actually - have an option - to ignore me *but thanks, sissy!


It's a matter of "filtering" what we want. The important thing is our happiness, right? Not people opinion. Are we going to open it or close it?

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil,