The last time I went to Jogja was in October for Prambanan Jazz. An absurd idea just because I want to watch stage with Prambanan Temple as background and honestly the performers were for latter hahaha. Buttt, it was a great experience! The performers were awesome (anyway, Rega Dauna will collab with Paulinho Garcia for JJF 2017! The last stage this weekend xD). 

Like the absurd idea before, this trip has actually come from random convo to have short escape on the weekend. Googled where to go and bumping into AADC2 Tour, looks interesting and it just 5 hours away by train! Before you go far --because this gonna be a long post-- I actually didn't visit all of the movie set, but let me just titled as it, hahaha.

5 minutes walk from the station and I think everyone who visit Jogja been here at least for once. Malioboro improved their pedestrian area, more space and a lot of benches! We stopped to have ronde before headed to the hotel. After rain, live street music.. a warm drink, perfect!

should we buy something?

The hardest part of this trip wasn't about how slippery our path or how we faced pitch black inside cave, but how we struggled to woke up at 3AM on 2 days in row! 

- Kebun Buah Mangunan

We weren't looking for fruits here, we hunt for sunrise! Located at 150 - 200 mdpl, we can see how Oyo river cleaving the hills. It maybe not as beautiful as Guilin (you should watch New Journey to the West 3!) but it does. We expected the mist will up and mingled with the sun. Well, reality betray us.

the mist flooded above river

hello, squad!

- Hutan Pinus Mangunan
Took less than half hour from Kebun Buah Mangunan and it literally Pine forest, lol. What magical was when sunlight passes through the gaps in the trees, it was quiet when we arrived there, that morning was so calm.. I felt energized -- a Komorebi phenomenon.

komorebi! *gasped*

- Candi Ratu Boko
FYI, it wasn't temple. Candi Ratu Boko was princess palace back then. Remember Taman Sari? There's bathing place for the princess (and mistress?) here too, but well Ratu Boko is bigger! Along with pendopo and meditation cave, the princess might as well lived there. I just can't help to wonder how it was, the palace itself.. the crowd.. the butlers.. it must be a pretty ambience back then.

- Candi Ijo
It's 4 kilometers away from Candi Ratu Boko, on Ijo's hill (explained why it called as Candi Ijo). It's Hindu temple, you can find Trimurti and Lingga-Yoni here, but not really much information about it.

another part?

one of Trimurti Gods: Shiva

- Tebing Breksi
It was limestone quarry and well, intentionally chiseled. Like Bukit Jaddih did, this new place suddenly becomes hits place to visit. Mostly, to satisfied your Instagram feeds hahaha.

- Viavia Bakery & Il Tempo Gelato
I'm impressed with their yogurt cheese cake! a light cheese cake with lemon's scent, so fresh! still in shape even you haven't stored on chiller, suitable for gift *loh*. I also tried the other cakes (because we bought 1-2 cakes each), but I just can't forget their yogurt cheese cake.

they made their own jams too 

the yogurt cheese cake was hereee!

I can't complain this gelato, it's worth the price. I still choose Goota over it hahaha, but talking about their cone is an exception. They might be cheap, but their cone is incredible, better than Bebini Gelati which has double price as theirs *oops*

cone-sized is the best choice

Chocomint (NAY) and Lemongrass (YAY)

hello again! *please don't get tired of us, hahaha*

- Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo
Err.. what I can remember about this place was we got drenched just a minute after we arrived! All hail Noah and Irfan who still in car, hahaha. I just took cactus photo when heavy rain and high wind comes all of sudden. We ran and mas Fadli was approaching us with (I-don't-know-where-he-took-this) hugeeee umbrella, lol. If only someone took video us, it was hilarious :p


- Pantai Pelangi
We supposed to go to Parangkusumo beach, which has the same direction as Gumuk Pasir. We did stop, mas Fadli checked, but then decided to go Pelangi beach because Parangkusumo's wave too high and dirty (because of high wind!).

미안해 미안해 하지마 ~

It was so quiet, kinda like private beach *I wish*. But then agaiiiinn, we can't be friend with rain that day, seriously!

- Sate Klatak Pak Bari
There's two Sate Klatak's places we did visit that day : Pak Pong and Pak Bari. The first is mas Fadli's recommendation, but we should wait for 1.5 hours (better make reservation before you go. I'll make sure to try visiting here again someday, I need to know why we have to queue). The second one is the one which Rangga - Cinta did visit in the movie (remember this trip actually for this, lol) and yes, we have dinner here.

What I noticed, pak Bari has "secret broth" which they use for (all) menus! Sate Klatak, Kicik, Tongseng, and even their fried rice. I don't really like lamb itself, but this Sate Klatak is okay for me and the Tongseng is surprisingly good.

- Punthuk Setumbu
Another sunrise to hunt, but then again, it wasn't the best day to come *cries*. Try to visit in July - September, who knows you may get to see this. Ah, it's looks sooo beautiful with the sunlight!

You need trekking to reach this place and from here you actually can slightly see Borobudur, quite promising, right?

- Gereja Ayam Bukit Rhema
Not far from Punthuk Setumbu --because we just need walking, hmm well trekking -- (put on your shoes!) we can find Gereja Ayam. You know where Rangga-Cinta stay over and watched the sunrise? It's here! And it isn't just a church.

- Candi Borobudur
The last time I visited here was at elementary, time sure flies. I don't have any comments about this place, you can browse about how magical-breath-taking this place. It still got me goosebumps. *deep breath*

- Goa Kiskendo
We moved to another regency to reach here. Kiskendo cave is one of geoheritage in Jogja and this cave was (and still) place for meditation.. hmm, kind of ascetic's (?). I can feel the different aura when go down here and we also found sesajen(?). We can see water flows here, along with stalactite and stalagmite. Just keep your head down and turns your flashlight before you face pitch black.

- Sungai Mudal
This water springs is the start of Kembang Soka waterfall. It was featured on MTMA's episode just 2 weeks before we come in (but I just know it :p)! No wonder that day we're not the only one hahaha. 

- Air Terjun Kembang Soka
So, Mudal river flows down to Kembang Soka waterfall. Unlike Mudal river which has some stage (so you need to go up), the "pool" at the Kembang Soka waterfall is at the same location. It was our last destination before coming home, so we just playing-around and well.. waited for the rain stop.


found Sedaap :p

Sometimes random idea might be good idea. You never know when universe got your back, right? Let's go somewhere again, squad! 🔍 And well, thank you so much for arranged this trip for us, mas Fadli.